Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chocolate & Zucchini

Much inspired by Clotilde's website: Chocolate & Zucchini, I think my blog is going to take a food direction (hence the reason why I've moved it), as food is pretty much my biggest hobby at the moment. Dan and I are both really big foodies and we spend much of our time trying to decide what we should eat next.

The other day we just signed up for an organic vegetable delivery service from Wild Country Organics that brings fresh seasonal vegetables to our door on a fortnightly basis. The vegetables are all seasonal, and random, so we don't actually know what we're going to get until we get it.I was the lucky one on the initial delivery, being the first to get home, and I was delighted to find a box full of knobly carrots, wild rocket (definately wild with all the grass that was mixed in with it) and the juciest, sunniest, most tastiest cherry tomatos that took me back to being a child for a few minutes. The box also included a fennel (our last fennel experiment was a disaster - so we have to think of a new recipe), some courgettes, capsicum, mushrooms, potatoes, leeks, and lots of lovely salads.

Probably the best thing about getting our veges in this way is that we know where they're coming from. All the veges are straight from the farm that delivers it to us, and they're only about 6 miles from Cambridge. I don't think you can get better than that without having a car or a farm yourself.

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