Monday, January 29, 2007

And so I unveil - The Ultimate Family Feast

"If our family came together in one giant reunion and all had to prepare something for us to feast on, what would they bring? The scenario is hardly feasible considering our family spans half of the world's continents, but the question is certainly interesting when the family is full of foodies.

The Ultimate Family Feast brings together the families’ favourite recipes retaining them for the future. With an eclectic mix - spanning generations and cuisines. From war time rationing, “Mystery Tart” to decadent homemade croissants. From Mexican rice pudding to Finnish “Pulla” and Australian pavlova. The 33 recipes would surely make an ultimate feast for any large family."

And so says the back of mine and Dan's new book, that yesterday we finally uploaded and published on I really can't describe the relief of having it done. It was meant for a Christmas present for our family. Unfortunately, our due date slipped away and we had to make a push this January to really get it done. A good reason, I think, for an absence on the blogging scene.

With this post, I unveil it to the world, including our family - who are still waiting patiently for their Christmas presents. To them: as soon as we receive our tester print - your copy will be in the post!

The book, in some way, also reflects on the kind of cooking I've done in the early months of my blog. During the last 9 months or so, I've rekindled my passion for food, re-discovered recipes I've loved, and lightly dabbled in new techniques and styles.

For the next year, I'm aiming for more experimentation, more recipes, less guff and hopefully, a more technical style. With this last project completed, I can now focus on the future.

Of course, please feel free to head over to our lulu storefront to preview the book, and of course, purchase it if you so desire!

I'm certainly looking forward to 2007!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Just to let you know...

I'm still on hiatus, trying to tie up a few ends that I hoped to have done by now. For entertainment, check out the first banoffee pies that I made and ate! The crust was bit too thick, unfortunately, but it was tasty all the same.

Made for an excellent Autumn dessert - back in October when I made them...

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