Sunday, April 23, 2006

Basic Bread

There's nothing better than Basic Bread straight from the cooker.

I'd been hankering to bake some bread for a few days, and on Friday night, I decided it was time. Especially since I'd already decided that we were having soup for dinner - and nothing goes better with fresh soup than a loaf of freshly baked bread straight from the oven.

I'd seen Jamie Oliver cook this recipe on his various shows and thought that it was basic and easy and that I'd give it a whirl. He also uses it as a base for all of his other types of bread: foccacia, stuffed bread, baguettes etc, etc.

Probably the best thing about it, is that it only uses 5 ingredients and there is minimal washing up to do. Basically, the dough is prepared on the bench top by making a well out of the flour and filling the well with the rest of the ingredients (water, yeast, salt and sugar). The bread rose perfectly (thanks to the use of my airing cupboard) and handled like a dream.

The bread worked wonderfully and had that real sense of being proper bread. I've made bread before - many times, but there always seemed to be something lacking - this was just right.

The soup I made was a leek, potato, pea and spring green soup - using 3 of the ingredients from our vege box. It was a wonderfully tasting, subtle soup, which, on hindsight could have done with a touch of garlic.

The Basic Bread Recipe


Fat Pants said...

I like to watch the naked chef too. He always comes up with something different

Seumas said...

If you like Jamie Oliver, do you mind if I recommend Nick Nairn. He's a Scottish chef, with Oliver's back to basic style, but with much much better recipes. Well worth taking a look at.

I also find that the Good Food magazine is useful for good recipies.

Happy blogging ;)

Bonnie said...

Hi Seumas,

Oooh, Nick Nairn sounds interesting, I'll definately check him out.

I do like Good Food magazine, but prefer delicious. as I think the pictures are much prettier and the ingredients are more interesting. I'm even tempted to get a subscription. The BBC Olive magazine is great for foodie events as well.... I can't wait for Taste of London in June!

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