Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Snug

One of our favourite places to meet after work on a weeknight is The Snug - a petite little bar famous for its cocktails. With a cocktail menu larger than it's food menu, it's become very popular with the local professionals, foreign students taking their parents out and groups of women at the start of a "girls night out". We like to go in and try a different cocktail or two each time, but Dan is particularly fond of a good mojito, and good these mojitos are! (See the picture above.) I personally prefer vodka or gin based cocktails and especially the ones combining both and the martinis are served just the way you like them - and very potent.

Rarely found in England, The Snug also boasts of table service - perhaps to cater to its multitude of American patrons and as if to listen to demand, the menu sways slightly to resemble a menu that you would easily find across the Atlantic. With delights such as breakfast pancakes, brownies and Mexican quesadillas, the food tries hard, but unfortunately falls short of the type of standards that the cocktails achieve.

All in all, a plesant and relaxing non-smoking bar with friendly and mostly attentive service, The Snug is a great place to come for a much sought after cocktail - just be prepared to pay for them. We will continue to visit The Snug on a regular basis.

The Snug
01223 367684
67 Lensfield Rd
Cambridge, CB2 1EN, United Kingdom

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