Sunday, May 14, 2006

And the Mothers met over an English tradition.

Thankfully, for Dan and I, we are blessed with Mothers that like to talk. So when they were to meet on Sunday we were not too worried that they wouldn't get on.

It was definately going to be a winner when we knew what was going to be on the table for Sunday lunch. A traditional English Roast Dinner. Now, since Janet (Dan's Mother) is a professional cook, her roasts are always superb and she wins everyone over on the first bite. Replicating her dinner would take years to perfect.

Fluffly potatoes, varieties of meat, and even her "experimental" dishes of pickled cabbage all turn out delectable and every bite leaves you hoping that someone else doesn't get the last potato on the serving plate.

And every English roast would not be complete without the Yorkshire Pudding. Janet has perfected the art of preparing and cooking a Yorkie pud. Whether it be in the flopping noise of the batter, or the heat of the oil, they always turn out to perfection being crispy, tall and non-oily.

With dinner over and being full to the brink, Janet tempted us yet again with her desserts - one of which was this simple shortbread and strawberry dessert which was beautifully put together.

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