Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seaside sights

Dan particularly wanted to go to the seaside. Specifically Southwold. It was a bit of a risk that we took with the weather being a bit fickle as to its intentions for the day - but since we had rented a car we thought it was a risk worth taking.

The English seaside holds so much romance to me. Only the English call it "The Seaside", so old-fashioned sounding. It's a place to go "sea-bathing" and to frolic in the chilly waters. Luckily for the weather, there weren't as many people as there could have been - and equally lucky, the rain held off and in fact the sky was full of the most amazing clouds.

Dan took his 60 year old military camera (Fed II - ex-Russian) with him and took all of the black and white shots. It's amazing how the age of the camera reflects in the photographs he took. He developed the film the same night and scanned them for us all to enjoy.

Of course, a day like that day would not have been complete without fish and chips. We scoured the pavements, beaches and streets - we followed the tell tale vinegar scent and found ourselves two servings of plaice and chips. Unfortunately, athough the original birth place of fish and chips, none that I have tried in England has tasted better than those served up in the take-aways of Australian beaches.

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jenjen said...

those black and white photos are simply gorgeous and so evocative. What a beautiful place.

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