Saturday, December 16, 2006

A menu for hope and cookie swaps

As I sit down to write, a mug of hot Assam tea at my side, I finally find myself with a chance to breath admist a hectic schedual of shopping, partying, drinking, working, baking and planning. I'm also stopping to think about the less fortunate than I and I know exactly how I can give to them. Pim's tireless efforts for organising this year's Menu For Hope has most definitely not been in vain. At time of post the total raised so far is in excess of $US20,000 and it's still counting.

There are some wonderful prizes this year and although I haven't had the chance to donate a gift, I'm going to head over to the donation page right now and participate in a different way.

Secretly, I'm hoping to win Jeanne's and Johanna's canapé party because I'm going to invite some food bloggers from the UK to the join in on the fun. It would be kinda like the cookie swap that we had a few weeks ago... pictures of which are after the jump.

From left to right, we were Johanna the hostest with the mostest and the ever Passionate Cook, Sarah the fabulous non-blogger foodie, Laura the cheese from Chalk & Cheese, Bill who bakes well from Bill, please, Jeanne the canapé queen from Cook Sister!, Xochitl the maker of the best Mexican cookies this side of Mexico from Xochitl Cooks and finally, the affianced Jenni from Pertelote.

The delightful delicacies that were on offer.

... and finally because I had to take the picture of the above, here's one of me that I prepared earlier.


Jeanne said...

Oooh yes, please bid on the canape party! It would be such fun to throw a party surrounded by our friends & fellow-bloggers!! :-)
It was lovely to meet you at the cookie swap - still amazed at the variety of cookies that you brought! Look forward to seeing you at more stuff in 2007.

Pille said...

Sad to have missed the cookie swap, but I do hope to join one of the future foodblogging events again!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

thepassionatecook said...

and pille speaks out of experience, having sampled lots of our canapes at the blog birthday party we had in May... i will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Bonnie said...

Well, I've got 2 tickets for it and I'm pretty sure noone else has bid yet... Not that I want to deprave the WFP of any more contibutions! But it would be fantastic fun and if Pille was planning to come to London some time next summer, I'm sure we could try and arrange something...

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