Monday, April 30, 2007


Since British Telecom have not yet been able to restore our connection to the rest of the world I have to sneakily post this entry while on my lunch break at work. I wanted to get at least one more in before the end of April! Oh, how this year is slipping away...

These marshmallows that I made were so sweet they just about burnt our mouths! But considering that they are made purely with sugar, gelatine, vanilla and water - that's hardly suprising.

They were to be for my Easter post - and I did make them for Easter since it really reminded me of being young and making fluffy bunny mashmallows instead of colouring eggs. Bunnys are so much cuter than boring old eggs, no?

For the most part, the recipe is the Cooking for Engineers test recipe. On their site they do go into a load of detail which was really helpful but I did change a couple of things.

Firstly I used a balloon whisk. According to the testers they used the beater because the marshmallow would get stuck in the whisk. Now, personally, I don't have a problem with this. I know exactly what to do with the marshmallow that has been stuck in the whisk - and so does my tongue.

The testers also took the temperature to hard ball state but I wanted a soft and fluffy marshmallow so kept it to soft ball. This is also why I reduced the amount of gelatin to three sheets.

I then toasted the coconut and once the marshmallow had set rolled them in the coconut and some icing sugar and cornflour mix. Next time, coconut all the way!


Pille said...

We tried that recipe as well, and were a bit suspicious that you could get fluffy marshmallows using just the listed ingredients (we used some reduced raspberry syrup as well). But they were great. We didn't think of rolling them in grated coconut, but the idea is great!

jenjen said...

Ohh this looks gorgeous. I have never tried making my own marshmallows. So kudos to you for being ever so brave to give it a go.

Margaret said...

I've never made marshmallows. How clever! Marshmallows coated in toasted coconut just has to be good.

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