Thursday, July 27, 2006

A remedy

I'm a cyclist. I cycle to work, I cycle to the shop, I cycle to the park. I've been cycling since early May, when I was presented with my bike for my birthday. And I haven't looked back. Cambridge is a gem to cycle through. Everyone, it seems, cycles. It's a long standing tradition in Cambridge which is quite clear here, with a multitude of cycle paths winding their way from opposite directions across the town. I like the fact that I can get to work quicker when I ride, than when I take the bus. And, since we don't have a car, I like the fact that my carbon footprint is very minimal.

But cycling does have its downfalls, in that, cycling is far from waterproof. Today was the wettest day that I've seen in Cambridge, and at exactly 5 minutes past 5 (just after I've left work) the skies opened up to reveal big, fat, heavy rain. Within minutes I was completely drenched, cycling along the streets, imagining what the drivers were all thinking in their nice, dry, comfortable cars. My skirt was sticking to my legs, my shoes were full of water and the raincoat was not helping in any way.

I was not a happy girl when I got home 25 minutes later. Straight into the shower I went, clothes in washer, and thoughts of magical ginger juice cheering me up. This natural juice, taught to me by Nerida (my brother's girlfriend), is a wonderful remedy when I feel a cold coming on or a bit down in myself. The health qualities of ginger are widely know and when teamed with lemon and honey a more soothing concoction can rarely be found. It's so good infact, that it's been known to completely prevent me from being sick. This remedy comes highly recommended.

Hot Ginger Juice

Enough for one mug:

A nob of ginger, grated
2 tablespoons of honey
The juice of half a lemon
2 mugfuls of water

Combine all of the ingredients in a saucepan and heat slowly. Steep for about 20 minutes which should reduce the mixture by half. The most important thing is not to boil it, otherwise the ginger won't be as strong. Strain into a mug and sip while curled on the sofa, watching the storm and reading the next issue of your favourite food magazine.


miss cupcake said...

Hope the ginger juice warded off any sniff and cough. Strangely, at around the same time over here in BA we had a hale storm (nobody can recall the last one so it must be pretty rare).

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Miss C... I'm on the up and up... I hope nothing was damaged in the BA hale storm!

Ivonne said...

Awwww ... I'm sorry you got all wet! And I bet that ginger juice really helped. It sound comforting and warm and all good for you!

Claire said...

Cycling sounds great, but definitely NOT in the rain. I know walking in the rain is no fun because that's what I end up doing sometimes when I go home from school. However, whatever you do, be sure not to put too much testosterone in that remedy of yours. You might get in trouble. (This is my weak attempt at being funny at the expense of Tour de France and Floyd Landis.)

Yelena said...

Thank you soooo much for that comment! Those links were really helpful. Unfortunately for me all the things that I love ( like pomegranate, avocado , and nectarines=[)I'm not allowed to have. I have to almost completely change my eating habits. Ah well, it must be done...

Nerissa said...

Mmmmm I Love hot ginger juice. A friend of mine taught it to me about 5 years ago and I love it's powerful kick.

Cycling in the rain really can suck. I've been there. I was soaked to the skin too.

Bonnie said...


Sunny skies have hit us again, and barely a cloud in sight.. Thursday was but a memory :) I felt soooo much better after the ginger juice!


I'm so glad I wasn't walking, it would've taken 4 times as long! Maybe I'll look at testosterone enhancements for next time and maybe I'll get home quicker next time ;) Mind you, I don't think I want to grow any chest hair..


Is your recipe similar to mine? I think it's one of those old remedies that have a certain truth to it..

Anonymous said...

Nerida actually nicked the recipe off a French man who serves delicious sorbets during summer and hot soups during winter from a tiny little shop on Rue Oberkampf, just around the corner from her sister's place.

I enjoy riding through the rain during summer, its a luxury one can't afford during the colder months.

Your Bro

p.s I'm eating Reese's peanut butter cups!

Pille said...

After few warm and sunny weeks, it was raining all day yesterday here in Edinburgh. I even had to look up my cosy warm indoor socks again! I'm afraid I will need to prepare some of your hot ginger juice soon..

Mademoiselle Différentielle said...

Mmmmh.... This sounds delicious! I love the taste of ginger! And looking out of the window (rain, rain, rain) and having a fast glance at the thermometre (13 degrees Celsius) I guess, I'll soon have to brew your ginger juice :).

Bonnie said...

Pille & Mademoisell,

Did you end up making the ginger juice?? How did it go?

Mademoiselle Différentielle said...

Hey Bonnie!
Eventually I've prepared your Ginger Juice. I love it!
I brew it after a rainy walk in our countryside where we got a little wet and it how heats from inside, just great! But I had to dilute the liquid a little, it was too spicy for my boyfriend ;)
Thank you for this idea.
(I've translated the recipe into German on my blog)

Love from cold Switzerland

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