Sunday, August 20, 2006

The fruits of our harvest

Little did I know back in January, when I moved into Dan's little flat, that there was a strawberry plant hibernating in the tiny courtyard space, known as our garden. Had I known I may have been a little more careful come the spring and protected it with a net so the hungry sparrows that scour the area didn't feast on them.

Back in June, I found two miniscule strawberries that had survived. They were no bigger than the tip of my little finger and I picked them gently and took them inside to Dan where we tasted them together. I had never tasted a strawberry that could pack a punch of flavour than these two did. Dan and I just stared at each other, both not believing what we had just experienced.

Every week thereafter I combed through the plants looking for more fruit, and today I was lucky. I couldn't believe my eyes! This late in the year! And I found 4!!! But one was half eaten, so I left that as a little gift for another creature. After they did some modelling for the camera, Dan and I again, tasted them together knowing that they were going to be so flavoursome. They certainly did not disappoint.

If we are going to be here next year, I will be sure to protect them so we can savour the berries a little longer. If not, I may have to pluck a plant and take it with me.


jenjen said...

oh how cute!

Mademoiselle Différentielle said...

so cute!
and hey, Bonnie, for next year: Eat only two of the three fruits and put the third into the earth, in the hope that there will sprout some more plants...And after some years, you will have enough fruits to make a cake or so - so in about 20, 30 years... ;)

Mlle Différentielle

I've seen your meme...*aih!* not so easy... ;)

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