Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's a blogger's world.

And it's a beautiful blogger's world. This particular event just goes to show what a lovely blogosphere I've found myself in. Jeanne over at Cooksister! hosted this months European Blogging By Post #5. Food bloggers from all over Europe are invited to 'attend' this event by signing up and putting together a parcel of 5 or 6 particular items from their particular country and sending it to another blogger in a different country that has also signed up for the event. The twist is, you don't know where the parcel that you receive is coming from.

So, look what I received yesterday! YAY for me! Sitting on my desk at work was this cute little package that had made its way from the Bavarian Forest in Germany. The only hint I had as to the contents of the parcel was where it came from: the lovely Petra of Chili und Ciabatta. I did not want to evoke jealous tendencies in the eyes of my colleagues, so I waited until I got home to open my package. Inside, I found a bounty of homemade preserves made mostly from the fruits of Petra's garden. I am one lucky girl.

I think the most exciting product that was in my little parcel was this bottle of homemade Cassis. Made from blackcurrents, this liqueur, I am assured, is very yummy. Petra suggests adding a drop or two to a glass of white wine or champagne and I think it would be equally good over a scoop of icecream. Needless to say, this will be a bottle to cherish and will only be brought out on special occasions.

As I was eating my toast this morning, Dan came out and asked me why I hadn't already opened this jar of redcurrant jam with orange and vanilla. I think I've already deemed it too good to use. I might use it for jam drops. I might use it as a filling for a sponge. But whatever it is, I want to do it justice. The best thing is, if I do run out, Petra supplied me with the recipe.

These special, sweet swizzlesticks are destined for my weekend morning coffee. But which one to try first?

I was assured by Petra that the pineapple in this chutney was not from her own garden. If it was, it would have proven to me that global warning is really getting worse. I think Dan has got his eyes on this one, being a big chutney fan. I could just imagine it with a dab of brie or a chunk of cheddar. Or perhaps it would like to take pride of place on a ploughman's plate.

I couldn't help but to sample this Friesischer Sommer tea last night. Just the thing to end a cooler summer evening. I steeped it for a good five minutes and drank it simply with no milk, no sugar, to really enjoy the flavours. One of the best things about tea is its endurance and I'll hopefully be able to enjoy this tea for a good few months to come.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Petra for sending these delights and especially thanks to Jeanne for coordinating the event. Go here for a full list of participants and their parcels. If you'd like to check out the parcel that I sent to Lilian at iFantabulous.com, go here.


Jeanne said...

Wow Bonnie - that looks absolutely wonderful! I'm particularly impressed with the home-made cassis liqueur - what a spectacular gift. And I've been in love with those sugar swizzle sticks since the first time I saw them - lucky you!

Petra said...

Hello Bonnie,

I'm glad you liked the things I sent you! But I suggest to take a little bit more than one drop or two of the Cassis for your Kir. And don't forget: moldy jam isn't a pleasure ;-)

Lil said...

hi bonnie! love your parcel, and i'm already at the elderberry cordial this morning!! now all i need is time to bake, bake, bake! :)

Bonnie said...


I'll take your advice and use more than a drop! Maybe more like a cordial? And I'm sure the jam won't last long!


Good to hear about the Elderberry cordial! I love the Bottlegreen brand, they do a sorbet as well which is sumptuous! Can't wait to see the posts!

miss cupcake said...

Wow Bonnie, you're a lucky girl indeed!! I can only imagine what wonderful creations you are going to end up with...;))

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