Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Foodblogger's Guide to the World

Ever since Jen over at Milk & Cookies tagged me for this little meme, I've been thinking about what to put down as the 5 things I recommend foodies to eat before they die. All day yesterday and all day today I've been racking my brain to think of the ultimate list that I can add to Melissa's list at The Traveller's Lunchbox.

Here is my list:

1. Rare breed British Pork - you haven't tasted pork until you've tasted a Gloucestershire Old Spotted, an Oxford Sandy or a Saddleback.
2. Reindeer - Not a healthier red meat can be found. Taking on the flavours of the forests of Lapland, reindeer meat is very lean and tastes like the berries that the reindeers eat.
3. Prosciutto - The subtle flavours of this dry cured ham cannot be beaten. Read more here.
4. Creme brulee - There's nothing like tapping into a creme brulee for the first time. Amelie agrees.
5. Mangoes - And not just any old mango. Mangoes from my home district cannot be beaten. Here is why.

I'm going to tag four fellow bloggers in the pursuit to compile this list and they are:

1. Nerissa, who has just completed a sojourn to Europe who blogs over at Deetsa's Diningroom.
2. Petra blogs from the Black Forest in Germany at Chili und Ciabatta.
3. Piperita blogs in Italian at The Kitchen Pantry.
and last but not least,
4. Mademoiselle who also blogs in German from Switzerland at Chez Demoiselle Differentielle.


jenjen said...

Great picks Bonnie I am totally agreeing with the prosciutto and mangoes, yum yum. What intrigues me most is the reindeer. Does it taste much like venison?

Bonnie said...

Well, to be honest, I guess the closest meat to it is venison (moose is closer, but even more elusive than reindeer). But you can definately differentiate between them. Venison, I believe, has more robust flavours, reindeer giving a more subtle, sweet flavour. It's definately one to experience on its own.

Piperita said...

I hope I'm not too late!!!! Sorry, but I just got back form holidays! I will write a post by the end of the upcoming week!
Thanks for tagging me!

peabody said...

I have had reindeer!!! I like it.

Susan in Italy said...

I'm so intrigued by the reindeer. How did you get to try it?

Bonnie said...

Hi Susan!

I had the fortune to live in Finland as a Rotary Exchange Student... I lived in Far North East Finland - 30 km from the Russian border and 50km south of the Artic circle. Up there - there's more reindeer than people. It was one of the best years of my life.

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